OTP recently attended the Love Well workshop hosted by Love Drinks in association with Healthy Hospo.

Wellness in the hospitality industry is a subject commonly brushed under the carpet, however, working in the industry can be one of the most demanding jobs, both physically and mentally. With unsociable hours & poor staff treatment, it’s no surprise many businesses have a quick staff turnover.

Love Drinks have created the Love Well Initiative to help staff and business owners understand the importance of health & wellness at work and design a simple strategy for building a healthier, more profitable business.

The programme is made up of workshops and other activities that bar staff, chefs etc can get involved in, such as fitness & meditation sessions. Love Drinks have brought Healthy Hospo in to assist with these workshops, and MiBODY to also run the fitness sessions.

Working in hospitality is demanding, both physically and mentally for every member of your team. Your staff are your biggest asset and are key to the success or failure of your business. Big businesses have long known that the health and wellness of their staff is key to the success of their business, and gone are the days of working people until burnout and then just replacing them with a younger version.

Your staff are your biggest asset and are key to the success or failure of your business…

Like a sports team, your staff should be in peak condition to achieve peak performance and deliver maximum value.

On-trade operators, managers or staff members looking for further information on the LOVE WELL initiative or support menu can contact livewell@lovedrinks.co.uk