WRS has become one of the leading suppliers of POS systems in Europe. We spoke with Emma Wilson, Business Development Manager from WRS, about their expansion over the years and innovative ethos.

WRS has expanded over the past to become a significant supplier of POS systems to the hospitality Industry, in the UK, Ireland and Europe. The company has expanded in a manner that has enabled it to ensure the levels of support and development are maintained across its portfolio, but also understands that any solution provided to a client must now be ‘future-proof’.

Therefore, our development strategy within the business is aimed at bringing innovations to both the ‘front of house’ which allows customers to enjoy their retail experience with the client. Be that in removing the dreaded queue, the ability to order from their mobile device, knowing that the order will either be ready to collect, or delivered, and will be in the condition that they expected without fuss.

Within that transaction, it is vitally important for the client that those sales are performed so all necessary security required in today’s market place are also met. That the sales reduce stock, financials are accounted for in a correct manner, that the clients have the necessary information to ensure they are trading profitably, they are aware of sales trends and have access to business crucial data that enables management decisions are made on real ‘live data’ not historic.

In the past year WRS Systems has supplied and managed one of the largest and significant system upgrades, when we replaced the existing POS system in over 1000 stores, within budget, within timescale and without loss of trading.

WRS continues to expand and develop its customer base, and we thrive at the opportunity to work with new clients who have a forward thinking and innovative approach to their business.