Leasing or rental has been growing in popularity across the entire hospitality industry, so how can this help your business? On-Trade Progress chats with Simon Le Bon from Sir William Bentley Billiards about their bespoke Snooker & Pool Tables…

There are times when buying equipment outright is not the most suitable option for a business, and often, a monthly payment can be much more appealing. With leasing or rental, you can have the latest products and technology with little or no capital outlay, so a business’s operating budget can be used rather than its capital budget, thereby overcoming cash-flow concerns. Also, you are often offered a full maintenance contract to maintain parts and labour for the product throughout the lease period. You can now lease just about anything!

Snooker & Pool tables have long been a staple piece within many hospitality venues and leasing them is just as common. However, with the growing popularity of unique interior design, a basic indistinctive billiards table isn’t enough.

“Leasing a bespoke Snooker or Pool table can be a great interior design statement, attracting new business and making flexible use of space, without the significant capital outlay usually associated with such a high-quality piece” – Simon Le Bon

Sir William Bentley Billiards is renowned for the design & quality of their bespoke billiard furniture. However, in recent years, they have been asked to provide their tables on a rental, lease or return basis. This has been a great success for them – allowing developers to furnish their properties with a statement Pool table, or hotels to transform a conference room to a luxury billiard-room with a Snooker-dining table – with little or no capital outlay. Importantly for commercial environments, they also offer maintenance services, to keep the table looking and playing as it should.

Alongside 40 years of Antique restoration & reproduction, and in collaboration with inspired clients & interior designers, the company’s craftsmen have designed and handmade countless classic & contemporary bespoke Pool & Snooker tables, dual-purpose dining tables, matching accessories and lighting.  The bespoke nature of the service allows complete freedom to specify every detail, to ensure that each piece is uniquely suited to the room it’s being designed for. They also have many vintage and antique table waiting to be restored.

So, the bottom line is that the stunning Pool & Snooker tables, hand made by Sir William Bentley Billiards are now available to Hotels, Bars & Property Developers for rental or lease, as well as outright purchase.