Moving from a traditional POS to a modern EPOS system can help you cut costs and provide a better experience for both employees and customers.

With over 18,000 restaurants in London alone, restaurateurs face stiff competition and keeping costs down is difficult yet essential to surviving in this market. However, it cannot be at the expense of the overall customer experience. So how do restaurants successfully walk this fine line?

Unlike traditional POS, which is slower and more cumbersome as well as harder to learn, an EPOS system provides a mobile, fast and intuitive solution while delivering a comprehensive operating system to help you manage your restaurant.

When investing in an EPOS system, there are a number of criteria that need to be taken into consideration in order to identify the best system for your restaurant.


With an EPOS interface that is both attractive and intuitive, it is easy to place orders and process payments, as well as execute any back-office function (accounting, reporting, employee management, etc.)

For employers who need to train employees to use the system, the quality of the user experience should be a priority.


Though most EPOS systems run via the internet, choosing a hybrid system allows you to take orders, make menu edits, clock employees in and out, take cash payments and view reports even when you are offline. If you have an unreliable network connection, your hybrid EPOS will continue working.

Product Update Costs

An EPOS system should provide you with regular updates and new features without any additional charge, ensuring that your system always has the most cutting-edge technology. Unlike a traditional POS system that requires you to purchase the latest software, EPOS software continues to improve the longer you use it, allowing you to save money by using the same system for years to come.

Restaurant-Specific Needs

Restaurants have unique business needs. To help you meet those needs, your EPOS should be designed exclusively for the food and beverage industry, and offer restaurant-specific features to help increase sales, improve service and inform business decisions.

TouchBistro’s EPOS is built for restaurant people, by restaurant people, which means its intuitive interface, hybrid system and regular updates are all designed and maintained by a team that understands what restaurants need to succeed. With a fast-growing office in London, TouchBistro is now used in over 100 countries.

Partnering with leading EPOS printer manufacturer Star Micronics, your restaurant can benefit from the very latest EPOS printing technology. From a traditional Ethernet matrix printer such as the Star SP700 in the kitchen to the unique TSP143IIIU USB printer front-of-house, Star provides a range of EPOS printing solutions for your restaurant.

As the latest addition to the renowned Star TSP100 futurePRNT™ series, the unique TSP143IIIU offers direct cable communication and charging with iOS tablets. In fact, this is the only USB receipt printer today to communicate and charge simultaneously and directly via the Apple-supplied lightning cable with an iPad, iPod or iPhone for reliable USB communication. The printer removes the insecurity of wireless connection and seamlessly combines the flexibility and cost savings of tablet EPOS with the reliability of traditional POS.

Alternatively, if you prefer a LAN printer Star offers the TSP143III and TSP650II.

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