Serving the perfect pint is essential to ensure the emotional benefit of the consumer is met and the beer experience is exceeded “You only buy your second pint based on the Quality of the first” but what does that mean?

You can have the best cellar, the cleanest beer and cleanest glass but if it is not poured correctly and presented with panache and style then the consumer is more likely to not have a second.

Understanding what the consumer wants in a great pint is essential

A perfect pint consists of the following

  • Temperature – The beer or cider must be served at the correct temperature of between 2-4c for lagers and ciders, 6-8c for standard smooth ales and bitters and 11-13c for cask ales nobody wants a warm beer eh. The temperature of the glass is also essential for achieving this so never use a glass straight from the glass washer
  • Fresh smell & taste – The beer should be malty, fresh and free of off aromas caused by poor management
  • Clarity – Beer and cider needs to be free from turbidity(floaters) as not all beers and ciders and served clear there is a growing demand for unfined beer
  • Bubbles – This is from the nucleation site at the base of the glass which releases CO2 which rises in the form of a bubble which wraps itself in skin of flavour and aroma which forms and maintains the head
  • Maximum 5% head – This is where weights and measures comes in and states that a beer can be 95% liquid and 5% head. The foam on beer is essential as it protects the beer from air keeps in flavour, aroma and gas also ensures the consumer has a great beer experience when they drink the beer through the foam

Pouring the Perfect pint is not hard and if the bartender follows these simple steps then the customer will have an experience that will drive them to a second pint

  • Ensure the correct beer clean branded glass is always used
  • The bottom third of the glass belongs to the bar tender so holding the glass at the bottom during pouring is a must
  • Have the brand logo facing the customer
  • Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and open the tap fully
  • Ensure the beer nozzle never touches the glass or beer
  • As the beer approaches the rim of the glass straighten it
  • Stop pouring when the beer gets to 15mm from the top
  • If the Pourtal tap fitted push the tap away and fill it with foam
  • Place the beer on the bar top on a beer mat with the brand logo facing the customer
  • Smile and say enjoy your beer