Tansun’s quartz infrared heaters are manufactured in the UK to the highest standard and make an impressive and effective heating solution for conservatories.

Warming up conservatories is difficult due to their large open spaces and the poor insulation properties in the glass. In the past, the only option people had when it came to heating a conservatory was to install and run convection heating or not have any at all. This can result in the conservatory becoming redundant outside of the summer months.

Tansun’s infrared heaters offer the perfect solution to the typical conservatory heating problems. The efficient and effective infrared heaters are designed to heat objects and people instantly so there is no pre-heating time resulting in maximum comfort at any time of the year.

Tansun’s infrared conservatory heaters provide instant heat to quickly get rid of any draughty areas. The quartz heaters use the latest in infrared shortwave technology to provide direct heating and don’t cause condensation like old gas and electric convection heaters.

The Eclipse series of infrared heaters from experts Tansun has been designed with high-level contemporary aesthetics in mind and blends easily into most environments. They are energy-smart and ideal for many domestic and commercial environments, especially conservatories.

The Tansun Eclipse range of zero light ceramic infrared heaters are specially designed to not give off any glare and are fitted with far-infrared technology, which is considered one of the most energy-efficient forms of infrared heating on the market. The range uses advanced ceramic heating technology which gives the heaters 35% more energy efficient than lower-spec near-infrared products.

All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of domestic, commercial and industrial infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy shortwave heaters for many different types of heating applications.

Tansun heaters are available with a full range of energy-saving controllers which further enhance the efficiency of the products.

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing sales@tansun.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.tansun.com .

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