Almost 1 in 5 (17%) think it’s sometimes acceptable to drive after drinking – as long as they feel unaffected. This equates to 7 million drivers in Great Britain.

Nearly 1 in 10 think they could drink more than the UK legal limit before their driving ability would be affected.

6 times more men than women believe they can consume 6-10 drinks before their driving ability is affected.

Half as many students compared to those, not in education, thought it was sometimes OK to drink and drive – if they feel unaffected.

Drink driving skyrockets around festive period – latest police data shows there were 5,869 positive or refused breath tests in December vs 4,446 in February.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart Policy and Research Director, said: “Christmas can be a perfect storm for drink driving. This survey suggests a high level of ignorance and misunderstanding around limits and safe levels. Ultimately there is no safe level of alcohol in the blood if you intend to drive.”

DETR found drivers with a Blood Alcohol Concentration between 50mg and 80mg are up to 6 times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision than someone with no alcohol in their bloodstream.

University of California study finds there is no safe combination of drinking and driving. Any alcohol in the bloodstream whilst driving poses an increased risk to the driver and others.

Lowering the legal blood alcohol limit whilst driving to 0.05% could save more lives.