Consumers on the go continue to put quick service and convenience at the top of their list of priorities and see the use of mobile devices as an excellent way to satisfy their ‘need for speed’.

Those are the findings of the quarterly GO Technology report, produced by Zonal and CGA, which tracks the tech habits of 5,000 UK adults.

GO Technology first identified the speed of service as the number one issue for people dining and drinking out of their home in 2015.  And in 2018 nothing has changed with 72% of consumers claiming food not arriving fast enough is their number one frustration.

continue to put quick service and convenience at the top of their list of priorities
Hospitality businesses must have the ‘need for speed’ for their customers as they’re to put quick service and convenience at the top of their list

However, what has changed in just under three years, is that mobile payment and pre-order is now mainstream and available in thousands of outlets, with 36% of people saying speed is the main reason for using an app.

Zonal’s sales & marketing director, Clive Consterdine, said: “Three years on, wait times are still a massive concern for diners, but it’s the speed of food delivery that really gets consumers choked. It is a frustration familiar to all age groups, particularly at lunchtimes when many are watching the clock as every second counts.

“This is where integrated systems come into their own, because they can get serving and kitchen staff working in harmony to give customers what they want: great food served quickly and accurately.”

The topic of need for speed and how to deliver consumer expectation every step of their journey is re-explored in the latest Zonal ‘Need For Speed’ report.

“There is no doubt that driven by consumer demand, technology is transforming the hospitality industry, added Clive.

“The key to success is integration. Hospitality businesses generate a huge amount of customer data that can be put to good use, if it’s harnessed in the right way. However, when IT systems evolve over time, with websites, EPoS and reservations databases coming from different providers or using incompatible platforms, this leads to inefficiencies and silo thinking.

“To deliver a seamless and efficient customer experience, it will be those businesses that embrace technology and unify their systems, so they can automate everyday interactions, that will be in a position to extend their competitive advantage.”

Zonal is the leading provider of integrated hospitality management solutions to over 16,000 leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK.  For almost 40 years, the company has been working closely with clients to enhance the customer experience through market-leading technology, experienced people and a partnership approach to business.

Click on the link to download your copy of the latest Need For Speed report.