For the past few years, copper barware has been all the rage. Now leading distributor of table and barware, Artis®, has taken cocktail service presentation to a new level with the introduction of a range of gold-plated bar kit and accessories.

Gold-Plated Barware

new gold-plated barware from Artis perfect for cocktails
new gold-plated barware from Artis perfect for cocktails

These new pieces will enhance the backbar service and significantly add to the ‘theatre’ of the mixologist. The new range comprises a showcase ‘Tin Tin’ shaker, three different types of strainers; a Julep strainer, Hawthorne strainer and a Fine strainer, two types of jigger with 25/50mls and three different lengths of bar spoon, with 30, 40, 50 cm for the perfect stirring.  The new range will look particularly stunning during the festive season as it perfectly complements the new gold banded Coupes and Gin Goblets in the Speakeasy and 1924 collections from Libbey, which is distributed exclusively to the foodservice market by Artis®.

All pieces are gold plated over stainless steel. The gold bar kit pieces range in price from £7.01 to £11.40 and the Tin Tin shaker costs £20.35 – all plus VAT.

Gold-plated barware is the latest addition to the Artis portfolio and is included in the Artis autumn supplement. For your own personal copy this and/or the full Artis catalogue, call 020 8391 5544 or go online at