Recreate the flavours of Korea in an instant with Atlantic’s House of Lords Sticky Korean BBQ Sauce from Creative Foods Europe.

This versatile, ambient sauce is sweet and sticky with a slightly thick consistency, yet is still liquid enough to be poured over chicken wings or brushed over grilled meats for a tasty glaze.

A blend of chilli, onion, garlic and ginger, the sauce is a fusion of Asian flavours and provides a sweet and glossy product that has many uses including the basting and marinating of meat, fish and vegetables. Alternatively, use it just as it is, straight from the bottle as a tasty dip on a starter plate.

For more information on the House of Lords Sticky Korean BBQ Sauce, supplied in one-litre bottles, six to a case, or for details of other products in Atlantic’s House of Lord’s range visit or call 01252 846500.