For too long, airport bars have just been places to get the beers in before the gate closes or a method of coping with the journey ahead. We hate this. If you arrive at the airport to go somewhere amazing, we believe the airport bar should be your perfect launchpad. Everybody at the terminal is on the clock. So why not spend time wisely?

This is a question we ask every time we set foot in an airport.

So we are doing something about it. BrewDog Edinburgh Airport will open this summer.

Scotland’s busiest airport is expanding into a new extension, reaching out from the east end of the airside terminal. And we can announce today that one of those units will be ours; BrewDog Edinburgh Airport will be taking off very soon. We believe airport bars should serve amazing beer, in the right way, in a location you want to be in rather than the one you head to as the only resort.

We love the fact that many US regional airports have small-scale brewery taps from local breweries for those who are passing through and love craft beer. We are committed to doing likewise for the people who travel through Edinburgh, with more airport BrewDog bars pencilled into the plans for the future. Edinburgh is the first arrival, but one we hope will be joined by others.

BrewDog launches a new bar at Edinburgh Airport
BrewDog launches a new bar at Edinburgh Airport

As well as super-fresh BrewDog craft beer, BrewDog Edinburgh Airport will also be serving up a range of food for those about to depart to places new, so make sure you pack those appetites. We are looking to move away from stilted atmospheres and baffling carpets and bring an airport bar in our house style that welcomes everyone who loves great beer, great food and amazing service.

We hope to be open in the summer of this year, which can’t come soon enough for the millions of busy travellers who pass through Edinburgh airport every year. For many of them, turning up at the terminal is the start of the holiday. Or it marks the last chance to relax before sweating that business trip or wedging into a long-haul flight.

BrewDog Edinburgh Airport will be a new terminal go-to.