Fentimans, flavour innovators and the maker of premium botanically brewed beverages, unveils their new Spirit Pairing Guide.

With an ever-expanding range of premium mixers and soft drinks that enhance and complement a variety of spirits, Fentimans have developed their first Spirit Pairing Guide. The guide covers light and dark spirits including gin, vodka, agave, rum, whisk(e)y, fruit brandy and wine. Each category guides the user to discover the perfect pairing of Fentimans mixer and spirit.


Fentimans have collaborated with world-class mixologists to create the guide’s pairings, from the familiar to the more experimental. The guide has been launched as a tool to educate and support their on and off-trade industry stakeholders as well as end consumers. Claire Tyson, Fentimans Senior Customer Marketing Manager commented: “Driven by innovation and customer demandwe continue to grow our diverse range of tonics and mixers. When users are mixing our drinks, we need to ensure they’re having the ultimate flavour experience. Our Spirits Pairing Guide can be used as an inspiration to try new and exciting flavour combinations.”


In a year that has seen the brand overhaul its image with a rebrand costing £1.2m, this latest innovation illustrates Fentimans commitment to supporting their customers and consumers. For more information, please download the PDF on the Fentimans website here: