UKHospitality has warned against new legislation that would impact pubs and customers at airports.

The Government has this morning launched a consultation on the impact of airside licensing on alcohol-related disruptive behaviour at airports.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “New legislation would be unnecessary and unfair and demonise pub-goers who deserve the right to enjoy a drink when going on holiday and the vast majority do so responsibly. The long flight delays of yesteryear are thankfully rarer, so people aren’t in airport pubs for as long. The problem lies more with drinking duty-free purchases on board, which is already illegal but poorly enforced.

“Passengers in business and first-class lounges drink as much as they like at any time of day – why crack down on the venues where economy class passengers pay to enjoy a drink or two?

“UKHospitality works closely with airports, airlines and pubs to promote the responsible sale of alcohol and are signatories to the code of practice to that end, but we will continue to defend passengers’ right to enjoy a drink on their holiday.”