There’s a new fryer on the block that needs no ventilation, is entirely safe, and is clean and easy to use. The Fast Chef Elite from Taylor UK is also fully automatic and self-contained. It features a radical technology, the Ecofry system. In independent tests it used 24% less energy and up to 37% less oil than conventional fryers. Plus, it’s fast, reducing frying time by up to 27%.

A ventless, countertop unit, the Fast Chef Elite is made by Quality Fry in Spain and is very simple to use. The operator simply places food into the hopper at the top of the machine, pushes the relevant programme on the control pad, or manually sets the time, and then takes the fried product out of the hopper at the bottom once it’s cooked.  Everything is self-contained inside the unit, so the hot oil is kept completely out of harm’s way.

Because all the frying is done in the enclosed chamber, the oil has very little exposure to oxygen and none to light, which extends its useful lifespan. The lack of oxygen also enhances safety by minimising the risk of fire.

The Ecofry technology extracts moisture away from the food very quickly, sealing its surface and ensuring the moisture doesn’t contaminate the oil. This, in turn, minimises the risk of flavour transfer between batches of different foods and further extends the oil’s lifespan. The results are crispy, golden fried foods, batch after batch.

The Fast Chef Elite can cook up to 500gm of product per batch. The self-contained frying chamber can be completely removed and disassembled for cleaning, with 90% of components being dishwasher safe.

“The Fast Chef Elite is a real game-changer,” says David Rees, Group Marketing Manager of HTG Trading Ltd, which owns Taylor UK.  “It’s safer, more sustainable and more profitable than an open fryer. We believe it will appeal to chefs in many sectors across the foodservice market.”

The Fast Chef Elite is available through Taylor UK’s distributor network with list prices starting from £10,595 plus VAT.

Taylor UK is the UK distributor for the Fast Chef Elite+ range of ventless fryers, which is available via dealers nationwide.  Taylor UK is part of HTG Trading Ltd.  For more information and details of local stockists, freephone Taylor UK on 0800 838 896, call 01473 350000, email or visit