Velvet is taking the furniture industry by storm and Peppermill Interiors are on top of the trend with their latest collection of velvet dining chairs, armchairs, bar stools and cocktail chairs.

More and more we’re seeing old become new: industrial style that was previously limited to factories and warehouses has worked its way into bars, restaurants and homes up and down the country; a resurgence of retro patterns in high street clothing stores; and now the mid-century fabric of choice resurfacing with all the old opulence, and even more of the new glamour.

peppermill interiorsRestaurants, bars and hotels looking to revamp in 2019 may want to consider velvet as an option for their interior to achieve a classic contemporary look. Peppermill’s collection of velvet dining chairs includes French-inspired pressed button designs and retro diamond stitch patterns, ranging from bright mustard, to moody navy and subtle greys. If you aren’t planning a total revamp and just want to add contemporary character to your existing commercial space, Peppermill Interiors recommend choosing a velvet accent chair or remodelling a section around this trend instead of going all-out.

Lauren Stevenson, General Manager, said: “The great thing about this material, is that it makes even the dullest of colours really reflect the light. Add that vibrance to a private dining room or bar area, and the whole interior instantly stands out.”

peppermill interiorsThe basic, mass-produced commercial furniture of yesteryear is slowly fazing out, with brands being more focused on aesthetics and the whole dining experience, as opposed to just the food. The atmosphere has to be enticing to get customers through the door. Restaurant and bar furniture is now emulating domestic trends, with comfort and style having more prominence than ever before.

Peppermill’s new ‘Chester’ velvet bar stool comes in five colours, offering an excellent choice if coordinating with existing furniture. And for that all-important velvet accent chair, Peppermill have introduced several armchairs in classic and retro designs. For a subtle style outside the dining area, velvet restaurant chairs could be in the form of the all-new ‘Lille’ cocktail chair, which is available in four colours and would be ideal for a lounge area, bar, or hotel lobby.

Peppermill Interiors are renowned for their high-quality commercial furniture, having previously supplied big-name brands, as well as independent bars, restaurants, cafes and more. They have a large showroom based in Staffordshire, which is open to both trade and the public Monday to Saturday. You can also shop their full collection of domestic, restaurant and bar furniture online at