Jägermeister London Cocktail Week, Big Chill, Brick Lane, 3-7 October
Jägermeister London Cocktail Week, Brick Lane, 3-7 October

DATE: 3rd – 7th October

LOCATION: Big Chill, Brick Lane, Dray Walk, London E1 6QL

PRICE: Free with London Cocktail Week wristband

LINK: drinkup.london/events/collection/21072/jagermeister-workshops/


Jägermeister, official sponsor of London Cocktail Week, will showcase the complexity of the spirits’ 56 herbs and spices with a collection of carefully crafted and enticing cocktails, ice cold shots, events and workshops at their pop-up in Big Chill, Brick Lane, 3rd – 7th October.


A short 3-minute walk from the LCW cocktail village , Jägermeister’s Der Wald Bar, will be located on the Big Chill terrace. A delectable selection of £6 cocktails will be available from Jägermeister’s Hubertus Circle bartenders, including: Black Magic, Manifest Hunter’s Tea, Jägermeister Sour, Jungle Hunt and Manifest on the Rocks, plus Jägermeister’s signature cocktail – Jägermeister Mule. Jägermeister Ice Cold Shots, perfectly served at -18°, will be discounted daily during Ice Cold Hour from 7-8pm.


LCW attendees are invited to attend free interactive workshops at Jägermeister’s new Meister Akademy in Big Chill. From ice sculpturing and urban foraging,  hosted by Author Andy Hamilton, to cocktail “meisterclasses” and top-tips for DIY @ home cocktail making, the Meister Akademy will inspire you to reimagine the iconic herbal liqueur. For trade attendees, Marian Beke, owner of The Gibson bar will present a talk on bar-trade sustainability.


To book, visit the DrinkUp website, or email marketing@jaegermeister.co.uk


Meister Akademy Schedule


Noon, 3rd October Sustainability, how can your bar be more sustainable?

Led by Marian Beke, Owner of The Gibson Bar. In 2018 everyone is talking about sustainability, in this trade seminar, Marian shares insights into ways that bars can become more eco-friendly.


2.30pm and 4pm, 4th October Ice Sculpturing Workshops

This workshop for beginners will teach the basic skills of fresh ice carving for cocktail serves. Attendees will learn how to carve cubes, diamonds and spheres, before having a go themselves and adding their creation to to a delicious Jägermeister cocktail.


4pm, 5th October Urban Foraging

Urban foraging refers to gathering wild food growing in the suburbs & cityscape. Learn the skills from Author Andy Hamilton on how to forage in your backyard and get an understanding of which and how these plants can be used in cocktail making in this three hour masterclass.


2pm and 3.30pm, 6th October DIY cocktail making @ home

Don’t have the equipment nor the skills? Then this class is for you! Learn how to make classic cocktails using everyday kitchen items. This class is a fun and interactive class that will give you all the skills to impress your family and friends.


2pm and 3.30pm, 7th October Meisterclass

Jägermeister is one of the most complex spirits in the world, learn about the herbal liquors history and ingredients in this one hour class. Mix your own delicious cocktails and unlock the true potential of Jägermeister under the careful guidance of Jägermeister’s UK brand ambassador, Florian Beuren.