Sashimi and other popular raw fish dishes have never been easier than with Joii’s ready to eat, raw fish range, now available to caterers exclusively from M&J Seafood.

Yellowfin tuna carpaccio, and two types of sliced seared tataki – yellowfin tuna and farmed salmon – make up the range, all of which can be served straight from the pack once defrosted. Alternatively, plate up first and defrost in the fridge overnight before dressing, if required, and serving. The size and weight of the fish pieces are consistent for easy portion control.

Joii is Europe’s number one fresh and frozen tuna expert. Its wild tuna is line-caught in the regulated waters of the Pacific Ocean. Only the best sashimi grade fish are chosen and then super frozen to -60°C within an hour of being caught to retain the rich red colour. The salmon, meanwhile, is sourced from just a handful of farms in Norway and Scotland, where every aspect of the salmon’s life is monitored and controlled to produce quality, raw, ready to eat fish.

Caterers can put raw fish that’s safe and worry-free on the menu thanks to the company’s food safety regime that starts way back in the food chain and continues through all its processing, finishing up in dedicated BRC A* accredited premises for processing raw, ready to eat fish in the UK.

M&J Seafood supplies Joii yellowfin tuna carpaccio in 720g trays, and the two tataki products in 500g trays. The salmon has a four-week shelf life in a conventional freezer and the tuna two weeks. Once defrosted, use within 48 hours.

For further information visit or call 01296 610600.