Following England’s most successful World Cup campaign in 28 years, Saturday 8th September sees England play their first competitive match since their incredible run in Russia, as they take on former World Champions Spain.

Shown exclusively live on Sky Sports, the match is part of the brand new international tournament, the UEFA Nations League. Sky Sports will feature every England, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland game exclusively live with Wales matches also broadcast live.

The match against Spain will be one of four England games throughout September, October and November including a rematch of the World Cup semi-final against Croatia.

The tournament begins on Thursday 6th September with nine games being played, including current World Cup Champions France against Germany and Wales against the Republic of Ireland.

Speaking about the tournament, David Rey, managing director, Sky Business said: “We were treated to a remarkable summer of football which sets the scene perfectly for the UEFA Nations League and we hope that the tournament will recreate those heady days of the World Cup. All seven of England’s World Cup games attracted over 1.5million people per game to pubs and bars, so we know the value these games bring in terms of footfall and custom.

“At Sky, our purpose is to invest in more of the content that matters most to our customers, so they can rely on us to continue to make more money for their businesses. Over the course of the season, through our dedicated football channels, Sky Sports will be showing over 500 live matches including action from 126 Premier League games, the Sky Bet EFL, SPFL and much more. ”

England’s matches are:

  • Saturday 8th September – England vs Spain – Kick off 19.45
  • Friday 12th October – Croatia vs England – Kick off 19.45
  • Monday 15th October – Spain vs England – Kick off 19.45
  • Sunday 18th November England vs Croatia – Kick off 14.00

Northern Ireland’s matches are:

  • Saturday 8th September – Northern Ireland v Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kick off 14.00
  • Friday 12th October – Austria vs Northern Ireland – Kick off 19.45
  • Monday 15th October – Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Northern Ireland – Kick off 19.45
  • Sunday 18th November Northern Ireland vs Austria – Kick off 17.00

Republic of Ireland’s matches are:

  • Thursday 6th September – Wales vs Republic of Ireland – Kick off 19.45
  • Saturday 13th October – Republic of Ireland v Denmark – Kick off 19.45
  • Tuesday 16th October – Republic of Ireland v Wales – Kick off 19.45
  • Monday 19th November – Denmark v Republic of Ireland – Kick off 19.45

Scotland’s matches are:

  • Monday 10th September – Scotland vs Albania – Kick off 19.45
  • Thursday 11th October – Israel vs Scotland – Kick off 19.45
  • Saturday 17th November – Albania vs Scotland – Kick off 19.45
  • Tuesday 20th November – Scotland vs Israel – Kick off 19.45

To help promote the UEFA Nations League, Sky has made available 500 point of sales kits which include fixture posters, a calendar highlighting the autumn sporting action, table talkers and beer mats.  These are available to Sky Sports customers and can be ordered by visiting

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