Venue owners are constantly seeking new ways to grow their revenue, gain new customers and retain existing customers for longer.

In conjunction with Aalto University, Singa, the karaoke and entertainment provider, conducted research with bar owners to evaluate the real value of karaoke entertainment in the restaurant and hospitality environment.

The research named “Value of Karaoke and New Ways to Benefit from Karaoke” indicated a clear outcome that karaoke has positive influence to further sales, bringing people to venues and also encouraging people to stay longer.

Encouraging figures

Singa asked the venue owners: “how would karaoke impact customer numbers?” Only 5% of responders stated that karaoke has a negative impact to customer numbers, but at the same time, slightly over 5% of venue owners responded that during karaoke nights the number of customers almost doubled. In truth, the results found, the number of customers grew by 31% during karaoke nights.

Moreover, the average purchase of customers grew by 35% when there was karaoke. The significant remark is that when there is karaoke – people stay longer and hence spend more.

In venues where there is karaoke only 2-3 times per month the average purchase of customers grew even more – by 42%. This proves that during specific karaoke nights customers spend almost double the amount of money they would have previously.

Praise and more

This fascinating research has been backed up by fantastic venue testimonials; all of whom have acknowledged the transformative power of karaoke.

The Mad Hatter in Oxford, a speakeasy inspired cocktail bar, adopted Singa technology after using two different technology sets that simply weren’t working. These two different systems weren’t designed to be used in conjunction and meant bar staff would have to spend copious time making sure they were up to date with one another.

After adopting Singa, Jessica Tomkinson, manager of The Mad Hatter, has only praise to give. She says: “Singa is really effective and has simplified yet upgraded the karaoke experience overall at Mad Hatter’s. It does everything the previous systems delivered in a much simpler interface and so much more.

“The support we’ve received from the Singa team as well, big shout out to them, they’ve been fantastic. Always willing to lend a hand, always prompt with any troubleshooting and even when the question may appear silly at the time.”

Moreover, Singa worked its magic at Bloomsbury Bowling too. The venue manager, Erald Pellumbi, commented: “Singa Pro has been working very well for us. The amount of songs and ease of use has made it easy for us to show customers how to use the system and the support team have been great with taking any song requests and getting them into a development stage. Our customers have been happy with the overall experience when attending the venue for karaoke.”

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