Open the Red Door to discover a world of flavour, inspired by the elemental beauty of Scotland’s mountains, forests and coastline.

Complex and dramatic, yet perfectly balanced, Red Door is a deliciously distinctive, bittersweet London Dry with the lingering palate that works beautifully in a G&T or silky-smooth martini.

We’ve been creating spirits here in the Scottish Highlands for over 120 years, with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Now the red sliding door to our old malt barn has opened up a new chapter in our long and proud history.

Our idea was simple: to capture the spirit of Scotland’s majestic mountains, forests and windswept coastline in a deliciously distinctive, small-batch Highland Gin.

Handmade in a copper pot still, affectionately named, ‘Peggy’, the vapour-infused distilling method steams the neutral base spirit through eight botanicals and is then bottled at 45% ABV.

Perfect serve

It’s said that the ideal strength for a G&T is 14% alcohol, which is why Red Door works beautifully every time using the magic ratio of one part gin to two parts tonic water. Simple to build, get the basics right and your G&T will taste all the more refreshing.

Working to our exacting recipe, we source the finest botanicals to create Red Door’s exquisitely distinctive flavour, inspired by Scotland’s mountains, forests and coastal fringes.

Elegantly simple, beautifully balanced, Red Door Gin delivers signature notes of juniper and defining citrus bite of bitter orange, with aromatic sea buckthorn, grassy, floral pearls of heather and chocolatey, smoky rowanberries.

We’ve been working hard behind the red door to create a gin with a distinctive palate, using the finest botanicals. We’re really excited for people to try Red Door Gin as we embark on this new chapter for Benromach Distillery.

From the classic Red Door G&T to a delicious Negroni or smooth Martini, we are confident that we have created a gin that will prove popular with gin lovers everywhere.

Open, serve and share good times.

If you are interested in bringing Red Door Handcrafted Highland Gin into your on-trade portfolio please get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01343 554801.