To coincide with Oktoberfest, leading distributor of glassware, Artis has brought together a collection of beer mugs. The collection comprises five different beer mugs with handles in a variety of different sizes.


There are five different styles to select from – Beer Stein; the Icon beer mug; the Paneled beer mug, Maxim beer jug and the Trigger beer mug.

Beer Stein – a traditional German style beer mug in half and one litre capacities, each with the option of a CE line.

Icon Beer mug – a plain sided mug with traditional curved handle. Available in two sizes, half pint and pint. The pint is offered with the option of CE lining and nucleation to maximise the head.

Paneled mug – this is already one of Artis’ big sellers. It is available in pint and half pint with the option of CE lining together with 12fl oz and 22fl oz capacities.

Trigger beer mug – this is a straight-sided mug with classic handle. It is available in 12fl oz size with the option of CE lining.

Maxim beer jug – a broad-base style with contemporary handle, available in 23 oz size.

List prices vary from £2.99 for the half pint Icon to £7.90 for the Paneled lined pint.

The Oktoberfest is one of many glassware options in the Artis portfolio. For your own personal copy of the 2018 Artis catalogue call 020 8391 5544 or go online at to download.