UKHospitality has warned that additional costs for personal licence holders will only undermine investment in the sector.

In response to the announcement that the Scottish Government is consulting on the introduction of a fee to renew personal licences, UKHospitality has urged against the introduction of yet more costs for vital businesses and their staff.

UKHospitality Executive Director in Scotland Willie Macleod said: “At a time when venues are being squeezed by increasing costs, there can be absolutely no justification for imposing an additional cost burden.

“Pubs, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and the wider sector already contribute enormously through taxes and generate income for their communities. A personal licence holder should not need to pay an additional fee just for keeping his or her licence.

“As we have repeatedly said, there is too frequently a tendency for local authorities to view pubs and hotels as cash cows, rather than community assets. The introduction of a fee to renew personal licences will do nothing more than add another layer of unnecessary cost and potentially stifle investment. We are urging the Scottish Government not to pile-on more fees for businesses that already contribute a huge amount to Scotland’s economy.”