Falcon has expanded its popular F900 cookline series with the launch of a new electric fryer that offers fast heat up times and is available in four different variations. As with other F900 models, the fryer not only delivers in terms of function and performance, it is also very well presented. Clean lines and an eye-catching design make it equally suited for traditional kitchens, open plan kitchens or servery areas. It also features Falcon’s patented Dynamic Link System (DLS), allowing it to be suited with other F900 appliances.

The fryer, model number E9342, has two 7.5 litre pans, each with their own controls. The two 7.5kW elements give rapid heat up times of just four minutes, from cold to frying.

Shaune Hall, Falcon’s Product Development Chef commented “The E9342 is designed as a complimentary fryer, ideal for producing individual portions or small batches of fried foods. The two independently-controlled pans give extra flexibility, allowing chefs to fry different products simultaneously, at different temperatures – each fryer having a range of 130-185°C. The individual pans also help chefs cater for customers’ specific dietary requirements, which is a key requirement these days.”

Energy saving and sustainability are integral to the F900 design. The new fryers feature an Eco setting that reduces power consumption during pre-heating and can additionally be used as a fat-melt mode. The powerful elements save energy by quickly recovering temperature when fresh food is loaded – this also ensures excellent food quality. Having two independent pans in quiet times means one can be turned off, reducing running costs. Pans can be drained individually, therefore if the oil in one pan is still in good condition, it needn’t be wasted. Each pan has a fast-acting safety thermostat to switch the fryer off if oil gets too hot, again protecting oil quality and lengthening its life, while contributing to safety in the workplace.

The E9342 is designed to lighten the workload.  For example, the elements rotate to provide access for cleaning. The four different models give a choice of drainage and filtration options – in all cases draining is simple and the supplied drainage bucket comes with a mesh and basket to filter out cooking debris. The top of the range E9342F2 has a dedicated, integral oil filtration systems for each pan – this makes oil filtering quick and simple, improves food quality and cuts running costs by maximising oil life. It also minimises the risk of oil cross contamination, a must when catering for specific dietary requirements.

All the F900 E9432 models are supplied with fryplates, baskets and lids as standard. The fryers can be used as standalone models or as part of a suited cookline, thanks to the DLS linking system. The DLS uses a patented bracket that links appliances quickly, easily and so closely that the join is virtually seamless, giving the appearance and hygiene benefits of a single top.

The four variations are:

E9342 – no filtration, single drain bucket

E9342B2 – no filtration, two drain buckets

E9342F – built in filtration, single drain bucket

E9342F2 – built in filtration for each pan, two drain buckets

The E9432 fryers have list prices starting from £5,500 and are backed by a 12 month warranty. They are available from Falcon distributors.

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens. With a company history going back nearly 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe. Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.  Visit www.falconfoodservice.com for more information.