Singa, the world’s most modern and digital karaoke system, is getting the party started and keeping it going for customers this summer.

With the 2018 World Cup final upon us, hospitality professionals are looking for ways to get customers in their venue and keep the football fever going. There’s no better way to get an infectious atmosphere than with Singa, the Spotify of the karaoke world, which can be employed by any venue to bring people together. You can sing along to football chants, enjoy pre and post-game karaoke, and make your venue memorable by employing the latest entertainment technology.

Singa’s potential for hospitality professionals to grow footfall to their venue this World Cup season is simply huge. With karaoke’s popularity growing across the UK, venues are rushing to offer the entertainment experience as part of their appeal. With Singa, you can get the karaoke without the huge expenditure; all a venue needs is the Singa system, which is controlled by customers, and sometimes a DJ/host leading to greater participation. The technology does the hard work so the host can focus on the overall experience.

If you’re worried about complicated technology, you shouldn’t be. Singa provides you an iPad 5th Gen 128gb (worth £550) – it being easy-to-use, sleek and modern. Through this iPad, everything is controlled, including queue management, song selection and advertising. Moreover, the Singa app encourages customers to control which song they sing directly from their own mobile device, so everyone can be involved in the action.

“As Singa continues to grow in popularity, with over 50,000 people already having the app installed on their mobile devices, they can search for their nearest Singa Pro venue,” explains Risto Makelainen, CCO of Singa. “Consumers looking for a night out can search for their nearest Singa venue and queue their song choice remotely and those in the venue no longer need to make a request, they can simply download the app and request a song without even having to leave their seat.”

Singa already has 25,000 tracks in its library, with everything from 60s classics, rock and roll to hip hop and pop. The company adds tracks all the time and its comprehensive list continues to grow.

Chanting and cheering

On the benefits Singa offers, especially in the approach to the 2018 World Cup, Makelainen is clear. He says: “Karaoke is a fun and enjoyable activity that plays perfectly into the tribal effect ‘chant’ football has in the UK. The venue could set the songs and take control of the type of songs played, for example, ‘We are the Champions’, either at half-time, prior or post game.

“Karaoke can encourage those who watch football to stay longer after the game, maintaining an atmosphere long after the final whistle. Moreover, dedicated World Cup playlists and song choices are set-up and ready to go, all in Singa.”

With more than 300 venues across Europe, Singa is widely accepted by the hospitality market. Since its introduction to the UK in early 2018, there have been several successful installations and the company’s outreach continues to grow.

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