Having the best line up

Around 5000 pubs, bars and clubs are using the FlowMaster system from BeerTech as it saves them time and money and improves beer quality. They all lines clean on a three-weekly cycle, and for 35 weeks each year they sell the beer that would normally be wasted. Line cleaning can also be easier as the action of the system delays the “furring- up” process, thereby breaking down any old stubborn deposits, improving the internal beerline surface, giving a better opportunity to deliver the beer in the condition it leaves the keg.

The system requires one unit per operational keg or cask and is available for a no contract rent at £49.75 per month per site, with the equipment and the installation provided Free of charge. This also includes full maintenance. If purchased the cost is £69.00 per beerline in the cellar, with an install fee of £150.00 and a fee of £35.00 for the power supply, which includes a year’s maintenance contract. After this the whole system can be maintained for £70 per site per annum.

This needs course to be balanced against the savings being made. An average site may lose in the region of 25 pints per week, which equates to 1,300 pints per year. Saving two-thirds of that amount will allow a publican to sell around 870 “free pints” per year, or to put it another way, will give them 10 free kegs annually! In addition, there are of course large savings in time to be had, as well as savings in cleaning fluid water and gas.

The company has been operating for 20 years and includes Greene King in their portfolio. They have installed all 3000 of Greene Kings managed sites, including 10,000 beerlines installed for them this year.

The FlowMaster units operate simply as beer is pulled through at the tap, and so do not require any special training or instruction. There is simply a small LED light on each FlowMaster unit that signals the unit is operating correctly. Other current customers include Grosvenor Casinos, Heron and Brealey from the Isle of Man, Mitchell’s and Butlers, Marston’s and over a dozen independent groups throughout the UK, as well as thousands of individual independent operators. The company also supplies the FlowMaster system to both the USA and Australia

Visit www.beertechuk.com. Or e-mail sales@beerterchuk.com for a full information pack or call freephone 0800 328 9533