Artis, the leading distributor to the foodservice industry of glass- and tableware, has announced the addition to its 2018 catalogue of Tentazioni, by renowned Italian manufacturer, Luigi Bormioli. Tentazioni is a collection of stemware that is aimed at top end restaurants serving fine wines. The unique proposition of this elegant new range is that it is designed to preserve the aromatic structure of the wine.


The collection is available in six different styles – 67cl Bordeaux Wine; 57cl Red Wine; 47cl White Wine; 42cl Sparkling Wine; 30cl Coupe and a 23cl Tasting Glass. Each features a ‘double chimney’ which holds the aromatic molecules in the headspace for a particularly long period, thus enhancing the fruity taste of the wine, whilst mitigating the volatile alcoholic components. This allows the aromas to be released as the wine leaves the bowl, enhancing the tasting pleasure.

The wine can still be swirled horizontally in the bowl without splashing up or leaving alcohol on the sides of the glass which would disturb the aromatic structure.

List prices range from £3.00 for the Tasting Glass to £6.35 for the Bordeaux Wine glass. For your own personal copy of the 2018 Artis catalogue call 020 8391 5544 or go online at to download.