Keeping warm sauces at the right temperature throughout service is a tricky business – especially if you offer a wide selection of them. Now available from Parsley in Time is a new Sauce Bottlewarmer capable of holding ten 1litre sauce bottles. It is made by Clifton Food Range, the British manufacturer specialising in temperature controlled sous vide water baths.

The new Clifton Sauce Bottlewarmer, model FLWE28, is manufactured from stainless steel and holds the sauce bottles in a 28-litre tank. The unit measures 332mm wide by 537mm deep and 290mm high.  It has an adjustable thermostat dial to set the desired temperature, up to 70°C.

The bottles supplied with the FLWE28 are held upright by the rack which sits in the tank. Their design makes it easy to portion and pour and they can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, as well as holding sauces they are ideal for gels and purees. The unit’s compact size, together with the fact that it is powered by a standard 13 amp supply, meaning it can be sited wherever it’s needed, at the pass, in the kitchen, on the counter or in the bar.

“Clifton is renowned for its range of sous vide equipment, and for the accuracy of its temperature control,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager of Parsley in Time. “The new Sauce Bottlewarmer delivers that same control, ensuring that sauces, purees and gels are absolutely consistent, from the beginning till the end of service.”

All Clifton Sauce Bottlewarmers, as well as the rest of the Clifton range, are available from Parsley in Time. The FLWE28 has a list price of £650.

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