Hijack Systems welcomes the iTilt to its innovative product range

Hijack Systems, the specialist manufacturer of cellar storage equipment, has added the iTilt to its list of innovative products. The iTilt is a cask tilter with no springs and is just one of many products aimed at making cellar storage as easy as possible.

Ken Stilton, proprietor of Hijack Systems is a professional design engineer with 30 years experience in cellar equipment, therefore, as well as Hijack Systems standard range of equipment, it is able to solve problems that arise in difficult cellar areas; a special built in lift being one example.

Stilton says: “All of our products are designed and manufactured here in England. Most of our customers are based in the U.K. but we have over the years exported to Japan, Ireland and more recently, to America. “We are a family business, based in North Yorkshire, and are always looking ahead as far as cellar equipment is concerned.”