Lucky Voice, the karaoke and bar chain, talks products for hospitality professionals

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep customers coming to your venue with an offer that’s universally popular and fun, then look no further than Lucky Voice. The karaoke and bar chain have several products for on-trade that hospitality professionals can utilise to add a little (or a lot) of pizazz to their venues.

“We use Lucky Voice Enterprise, our propriety karaoke software to power the Lucky Voice Singstation (as well as other products such as Pop-up Karaoke and Lucky Voice Live)”, explains Thomas Mc Auley, brand manager of Lucky Voice, as he discusses products available for the market. “It’s the same software that we use to run our owner operated sites.

“It’s a hugely adaptable setup that our customers are able to customise to their requirements. We know there’s no single use case for karaoke software. Some customers wish to create multiple private karaoke rooms in their venues. Others wish to incorporate the hardware sleekly into a multi-use or private hire space. Other customers have a requirement for it to be portable.”

Louder and LOUDER

Lucky Voice recently launched a new version of its LVE product; built from the ground up, the product allows much more flexibility of functionality in the future. It’s allowed Lucky Voice to launch multiple languages in the last year, including Chinese and Hindi

Mc Auley continues: “The main thing our customers feedback on is Lucky Voice technology’s reliability – we make sure that it works, constantly – isn’t clunky – and we offer ongoing support to clients. We make sure we also think of our tech in context, keep the search function as clean cut and clear as possible – essentially make it ‘drunk- proof’ to withstand multiple people commandeering the software, sticking songs on and rearranging.”

The tech team at Lucky Voice are constantly improving their technology with their customers’ needs in mind. He explains: “We’re constantly listening to our customers and updating our software accordingly – one such example is that we heard from our customers that it can be difficult to choose the first song when confronted with 9,000+ options.

So we brought our playlist feature to the foreground, made it a homescreen and recalibrated it so that it feels like a discovery mode where songs can be divided by mood, genre, decade, etc – this is also a good marketing opportunity for any brands that we collaborate with to get partner playlists front and centre.

For professionals

Mc Auley and the team are keen to prove how valuable Lucky Voice products are for hospitality professionals in the long run; pointing out that there’s no single- use case for karaoke software.

“All the content we supply is licensed for use so that customers can focus on running their business,” concludes Mc Auley. “Our machines drive footfall through increased entertainment and a headline offering. It also drives drink spend and dwell time with a captive audience lubricating vocal cords between sings.

“Pre-booked revenue is guaranteed and a karaoke night is a celebratory occasion that people like to plan in advance. There is incredible customer engagement with music and singing creative memorable experiences in a venue.”