The boiling water, the sizzle of the onion in the sauce, the browning of bread, the softness of meat: the kitchen is the cook’s studio and there we find their tools. The dishes are their artworks, the aromas and scents are their palette. Despite this romanticism, strong and mighty appliances don’t all stand the test of time and inevitably deteriorate. All good things do come to an end.

A great venue with a worn kitchen is much like a grand cruise ship with a poor engine room. Theylook great on the surface, to owners and customers alike. But when it really matters, both are going to struggle to help your customers journey to the intended destinations of Rome, Paris or New York.

An outdated kitchen can lead to impacts on quality, production time, brand image and customer experience. With many of our readers faced with this challenge, On-Trade Progress teamed up with Blueberry Professional to discuss some of the best ways to ditch the old, bring in the new and truly revolutionise your kitchen!

Bernardi Miss Baker range of dough mixers 

Perfect for Gastro pubs making speciality breads for your menus, these machines can also produce confectioneries, bread of high hydration, basic dough for pizza, focaccia, croissants, short pastry, flaky pastry and egg pasta, as well as refreshments for sourdough.

Why Miss Baker?

  • Perfect for leavened doughs and for high hydration products superior to 55%.
  • Respects the nature of the elements used.
  • Extractable arms realised with a special anti-adhesive ceramic microspheres treatment: easy to clean, the dough doesn’t stick to the arms.
  • Doesn’t require ordinary maintenance * Fantastic value for money.
  • Compact design means easy storage and a very stable unit.


Staff ice systems?

Staff ice Systems produce a fantastic, innovative range of machines which will help with a variety of culinary needs. Gelato, Ice creams, sorbet, custard, pastries, jams, yoghurt, panna cotta, sauces and even cheeses! Through excellent Italian craftsmanship, Staff Ice Systems value all aspects of their preparations from start to finish.

Why Staff Ice Systems’ Smart Mix?

  • Expert technologies developed alongside Toshiba for professional users.
  • Vertical and round tanks allow you to prepare condensed mixes and save immediately the 30% of power supply.
  • Transparent lid allows you to check the state of the mix throughout the whole production cycle.
  • Front control panel with favourite icons for a fast selection of mixing, pasteurising, custard cream, cooling and recipes’ programs.
  • Double lid to insert the ingredients while the agitator is moving.
  • Half load function to work even with small quantities of cream mixes.


Rational VarloCookingCentre and SelfCookingCentre Combi – Massive space and energy savers.

Whether you’re a small operation focusing on a la carte menus or a large kitchen with high demands, the combination of SelfCookingCenter and VarioCookingCenter, achieve the best food quality, optimise your workflows and keep costs under contr

ol. For 500 or thousands of meals: thanks to the different appliance sizes, these appliances will always find the right solution for your business. These revolutionary kitchen appliances will truly transform the way a kitchen operates. With the combination of the two, users can boil, stew, braise, blanch, pressure cook, bake, pan fry, gratinate, grill and even deep fry!

Why VarioCookingCentre & SelfCookingCentre?

  • Massive space savers. With multiple kitchen areas and appliances condensed down to just two units.
  • Large areas of kitchen space can then be put to better use. Reducing kitchen space up to 30%.
  • Minimal monitoring or checking required.
  • Cooking intelligence that does it all for you.
  • Maximum energy efficiency.
  • Up to 10% less consumption of raw materials.
  • Cooks different foods at the same time.
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling.



Art surrounds us, embraces us, is vital. YesOvens deal with the art of heat and do it in a precise, innovative way, without any boundaries of space and time, in any part of the world, in any season of the year. Contemporary art is their inspiration, the oven is their work. Balance & Know- how These are the features that have always characterised YesOvens, a dynamic company, a team of experts

who develop every day the best solutions for professional ovens. The ovens are made of heart and ingenuity; they are thoughtfully designed for all those professionals who look for exceptional performance and reliability, combined to a simple innovative system.

Why YesOvens?

  • Top level technical and production solutions: state-of-the-art technology.
  • The tight cooking chamber is mould made and continuously welded to allow a maximum hygiene and easy cleaning according to HACCP standard.
  • Yessteam allows to set up the exact humidity for any kind of food optimising cooking system keeping organoleptic features of any recipe, with the lowest energy consumption
  • A continuously updated recipes data base is available, you can choose a different dish every day
  • Thanks to USB port you can load your recipes and your data any time. A professional chefs team is working every day to test and find new flavours and recipes for all your needs
  • The innovative, easy, user friendly control board allows you to exploit at the best oven technologies. It enables to manage 5+1 cooking steps to store 147 programs and to fix title and pictures