Join in the trend for molecular gastronomy with the Spherificator, the world’s first automatic pearl-making tool, now available from Sous Vide Tools.

The hand-held Spherificator can produce up to 10kg of perfectly formed pearls each day, making it perfect for chefs, bakers, bartenders, and anyone looking to push the culinary boundaries.

The simple-to-use and easy-to-clean device allows the user to shape liquid into pearls in seconds through a process of reverse spherification. Instead of using a pipette or syringe to make the beads of liquefied food and sodium alginate, which are then dispensed into a water and calcium chloride mix, the Spherificator simplifies the process and shoots out the liquid into the solution. The result is a perfect ‘boba ball’ which bursts when squeezed.

The small and light appliance, silent in action, can be fitted with one of three interchangeable nozzles to create different-sized pearls, and the user can vary the pearl-making speed based on the thickness of the mixture. Its seven-ounce capacity is enough to produce between 200 and 250 spheres with each use.

Whether for pearls suspended in Champagne, mint beads to accompany a cheesecake, or red onion and red wine vinegar ‘boba balls’ to complement a dish of oysters, the Spherificator is an invaluable tool that comes in a kit containing 75g of Sodium Alginate, 100g of Calcium Chloride, and one nozzle head, together with a one-year warranty, all for £99 inc. VAT.

For further information, or for details of other products available from Sous Vide Tools, visit or call 01524 770060.