Parsley in Time launches oxo-biodegradable plastic straws

The problem with plastic straws is their impact on the environment. The problem with paper straws is that they aren’t as robust as plastic ones. Plus, they’re more expensive. What’s needed is a plastic straw that has zero impact on the environment. Enter Parsley in Time with its new, oxo-biodegradable plastic straws, called the Oxo Straw.

Oxo Straws are available in a wide choice of formats, in black or clear colourways. They come in either a 4.3mm or 6mm bore, in lengths of 14cm and 20cm. The clear straw is available in a 26cm long, 6mm bore version, while the 20cm ones are also available with a flexi joint.

“People are genuinely concerned about conventional plastic straws – they epitomise our polluting, throw-away culture,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager of Parsley in Time. “We were one of the first suppliers to source paper alternatives – our sales went from zero to 6 million in just three months, from December 2017 to March 2018. We’ve committed ourselves to stop stocking conventional plastic straws from summer 2018.

“However, some customers want to keep offering the plastic straw because of its strength, so we looked for a green alternative that could do the job,” says Rob. “The Oxo Straws tick all the boxes – they are really strong, they look great and they are fully biodegradable.” Being oxo-biodegradable means the straws degrade in the open environment in the same way as natural waste, without leaving any toxic residues or fragments of plastic.

Parsley in Time offers the Oxo Straws range in packs of 250, with list prices starting from £1.35 per pack.