Belvoir Fruit Farms has launched a NEW Organic Lemon & Mint Cordial to add to its range of organic drinks aimed at consumers seeking indulgent simplicity.

Made simply from a delicious blend of sweet, fresh organic lemon juice, organic sugar, and aromatic garden mint, it has a refreshing cool taste and clean, crisp finish.

Organic Lemon & Mint Cordial is a bright, mouth-watering yellow colour but once diluted by the recommended 1:10 ratio, the drink is a clear, very pale mellow yellow with a zesty citrus aroma mingling with cool, earthy mint.  Each 500ml bottle makes around 22 glasses. Like all Belvoir’s drinks, Organic Lemon & Mint Cordial is made on the farm using natural ingredients and contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings.

Belvoir Organic Lemon & Mint Cordial is the newest addition to Belvoir’s range.  Visit for information on all Belvoir’s drinks including the other Belvoir Organic Cordials: Organic Elderflower Cordial, Organic Elderflower & Rose and Organic Ginger Cordial.