With just a handful of stands now remaining, Commercial Kitchen 2018 has released its first preview of some of the latest kitchen innovations on show at the NEC Birmingham on 5-6 June.

Over 100 companies are preparing to exhibit next month – including many of the most influential brands within the catering equipment and services industry.  Recently confirmed suppliers include Anvil Traction, Blue Badger Wholesale, CLS – Chef Line Solutions, Ecomax by Hobart Independent, Environmental Products & Services, Euro Catering Equipment, ExBio UK, First Choice Group, Foodservice Equipment Marketing, JEMI, Jestic Foodservice Equipment, Menumaster, Shepherd Filters UK, Sterling Pro, Synergy Grill, and Whirlpool Professional.

Here’s a first look at what’s new from some of the exhibitors for 2018:

Carpigiani UK is previewing its latest launch – the Freeze&Go.  The most compact countertop batch freezer in its class, at under 300mm wide, the Freeze&Go produces 5kg of fresh, high quality gelato per hour, and five portions in just six minutes – enabling chefs to create the latest multi-textured desserts, without wasting valuable kitchen space (stand H11).

Roller Grill UK is introducing Le Premium – a new addition to its contact grill range.  Thanks to the highly conductive enamelled cast iron plate and integral element, Le Premium will reach 230°C in just 8m 30s.  The 2 in 1 cooking function means it can be used as a high efficiency contact grill or, by isolating the top plate, as a high-speed griddle.  It also features an integrated digital timer with three pre-sets (stand A15).

Unox UK is launching EVEREO – a ‘hot refrigerator’ that preserves dishes at serving temperature for days or even weeks.  It utilises Service Temperature Food Preserving patented technology to preserve food safely by using extremely accurate temperature and atmosphere control, combined with the most modern technologies in insulation to avoid heat loss (stand F5).

Panasonic UK is showcasing the Panasonic NE-1878.  This all-metal door, professional microwave, with inverter technology for faster, more even, gentler cooking, uses less energy, is lighter by 12kg (compared to its predecessor) and is more portable to move for cleaning.  Internal cleaning is easier too, as the inside of the door has no ridges, seals or film.  Plus, the NE-1878 comes with a removable, spare ceiling plate (stand F19).

Regale Microwave Ovens, along with its sister company Microsave, are unveiling the new CPS3A Microsave Cavity Liner designed especially for a ‘never seen before’ commercial microwave oven.  Regale will be giving away one Panasonic Vieira 32? HD ready TV to one lucky visitor each day of the show (stand E19).

Welbilt is showcasing the Garland Induction Instinct Hob 3.5.  Featuring the first and only control and monitoring system for induction – the Real-Time Temperature Control System multi-point – it ensures fast heat up times and precise cooking.  While the intuitive ‘Tip and Turn’ system allows the temperature to be easily set (stand G13).

Meiko UK is showcasing its ‘hands-free’ M-iClean H automatic hood type dishwashing machine, with GiO Reverse Osmosis water treatment technology.  The Automatic Hood on the M-iClean H stops the need to stretch awkwardly or lift repetitively, improving working conditions by reducing excessive movement.  M-iClean H also offers three heat recovery systems and energy savings up to 21% compared to previous Meiko machines (stand E5).

Valentine Equipment recently launched the Valentine Alpina 300 fryer.  Features include precise electronic temperature regulation for optimum frying conditions to match the food and quantity being fried, a 12.5l capacity tank, and WiFi to support cleaning and maintenance.  As with other Valentine fryers, the Alpina has a small cold zone under the heating element meaning it takes less oil to fill up the fryer (stand A1).

Anvil Traction, the UK market leader in specialist slip resistant footwear, has launched a range of executive style shoes, designed to achieve a smart and professional look for customer-facing staff, whilst maintaining ultimate comfort and slip resistance throughout a long working day.  The range is antistatic and certified to EN ISO 20347:2012 (stand B19).

Clifton Food Range recently launched a new Clifton Sauce Bottlewarmer.  This 28 litre vessel is made from high quality stainless steel and comes complete with a rack and 10 x 1l bottles.  It is ideal for high end fast food outlets that use large volume of sauces.  The 28 Sauce Bottlewarmer has a dial on the front, which enables chefs to heat up sauces to 70°C (stand G23).

Cuisinequip is promoting Mycook Professional, a new induction-heated, all-in-one food preparation system that cooks, sautés, mixes, grinds, emulsifies, kneads, shakes, light fries, melts, powders and steams.  Also showcasing: Rowzer’s professional standard cold food processor, which is particularly suited to making bespoke batches of ice cream; Berner Beef Star range of heavy-duty grills; the Locher Chargrill; and several fresh pasta making machines from Bottene (stand A1).

Environmental Products & Services recently launched the FilterShield FS1500.  It protects against heavy food waste that is discharging from potato peelers and food preparation sinks, and all food waste contamination points, with its 27 litre capacity.  The FS120 drawer type has been designed with a front loading filter basket to fit directly underneath the kitchen sink where space is limited (stand G17).

Foodservice Equipment Marketing is showcasing the VECTOR 4-in-1 oven, designed in the USA by Alto-Shaam.  It features four cooking chambers in one compact body, using innovative ‘Structured Air Technology’ to cook food faster and more evenly.  It offers the flexibility to simultaneously cook four different food products, at different temperatures, with different cooking times and different fan speeds (stand C17).

General Catering is promoting its fully automated Rog Grill, which uses a unique roller system to produce fat free, easy grilling.  It enables operators to produce consistently great food – whether it be meat, fish or vegetables – and the built-in clean system ensures the results are fresh. The rollers produce an even 250 degrees and operation is simple and easy with five adjustable speeds (stand K13).

Grease Guardian recently introduced the Grease Guardian GGX7-S.  Said to be the most compact automatic grease separator in the world, it was designed and flow-sized for small sinks and will fit into most nooks and crannies of commercial kitchens.  Made entirely from stainless steel, this little unit complements the big brothers of the GGX range (stand C13).

ETI is showcasing its Thermapen IR infrared thermometer, with foldaway probe, which combines the advanced technology of the RayTemp 2 Plus and Thermapen 4.  Simply aim the infrared thermometer at the target and press the scan button to display the surface temperature.  It is possible to take liquid or semi-solid product temperatures using the reduced tip, fast response, stainless steel penetration probe (stand J11).

LIEBHERR – Great Britain is demonstrating its new SmartMonitoring system, which is designed to offer more security, service and reliability in the operation of appliances.  With Liebherr SmartMonitoring, operators can collect and store temperatures, alarms and other appliance operating data as required – enabling remote monitoring of the function of fridges and freezers etc (stand F33).

Precision Refrigeration is showcasing its Meat Ageing Cabinet MA600-1950, a perfect front of house focus for the latest trend of serving aged meat.  The cabinet’s internal temperature can be set from 1-4°C with the humidity controlled between 75-85%, without the need for a water supply.  Precision supplies Himalayan rock salt to regulate the humidity level and enhance the taste (stand A7).

Reco-Air patented recirculating extraction units are now UL listed.  This globally recognised accreditation enables Reco-Air units to operate with high risk cooking in high risk locations, such as airports, railway stations, subways and shopping malls.  Meeting stringent international fire safety standards, Reco provides a flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional extract for the foodservice sector (stand B29).

Trak is showcasing its extensive collection of Hupfer kitchen logistics, dishwash systems and foodservice counters.  New innovations for 2018 include a Hot and Cold Display Unit and IsoBox Mobil Flex.  The IsoBox boasts outstanding insulation, keeping food hot, cold or at an ambient temperature (20-100°C), whilst in the kitchen or transporting meals.  The patented Hot and Cold Display Unit has been developed to deliver an energy efficient display that optimises heat and attractively displays food (stand C9).

Shepherd Filters UK has created a biodegradable wool filter, which can be installed on the face of grease extract baffle filters.  As such, they capture 98% of airborne grease before it enters the kitchen extract system giving clear benefits in terms of fire protection, 365 days of the year.  Being 100% wool, it is a natural fire-retardant.  It is also carbon neutral and will breakdown in landfill (stand B15).

Target Catering Equipment is showcasing its latest bespoke induction range capabilities.  Featuring intelligent cooking technologies, they include: the Rational SelfCookingCenter XS and Target solid top induction hob and induction plancha grill.  They deliver ultimate controllability and unrivalled energy efficiency, are accredited by the Carbon Trust and supported by Green Business Funding grants (stand K25).

Vent UK is offering a new way to control grease in kitchen extract systems.  Vent AIR ensures extraction systems are cleaned, and stay clean, to TR19 standards365 days a year.  The system uses a unique combination of innovative equipment design, chemistry and biotechnology, with a bespoke post-installation servicing regime tailored to business needs (stand D33).

True Refrigeration UK is showcasing its TCR/TCF series of A+ EcoDesign rated undercounter refrigerators and freezers.  Available in two and three section, GN-compatible door or drawer versions, each cabinet is front-breathing and measures 700mm in depth.  Door versions feature field-reversible hinges and on drawer versions, the drawer sections are installed directly next to the compressor (stand H13).

Retigo is showcasing its Hold-o-mat oven.  It’s ideal for slow cooking meat and holding food, while remaining energy efficient.  The oven is fitted with 18m of the finest heating cable, which ensures uniform warmth even when the doors are opened repeatedly.  Its sophisticated dehumidifying system can keep breaded dishes crispy and offers the functions of a holding cabinet with its ‘cook and hold’ feature (stand F17).

TME Thermometers is offering hands-on demonstrations of its new MM7000-2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanning Thermometer with 1D and 2D barcode recognition.  Also showcasing: the Notion Lite system for continuous temperature monitoring; and CAPK colour coded, dishwasher-safe probes and hygienic stainless steel wall-storage (stand B5).

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Commercial Kitchen returns to the NEC Birmingham on 5-6 June 2018.  Show features include a free two-day seminar programme, the Innovation Challenge Awards, and ceda Awards Gallery.