Artis, the leading distributor to the foodservice industry of glass- and tableware, has launched a matching pair of wine decanters, Homme & Femme from Royal Leerdam. These hand-crafted decanters are designed to optimally develop the notes and tastes of different types of wines.


It has been a known fact for some years now that the shape of a wine glass can affect the taste and aroma of fine wines. Now Royal Leerdam is applying that same science to decanters and has included this matching pair, Homme & Femme, in its recently launched 2018 catalogue.

Decanter Homme, with its bold shapes and strong high shoulders, is specially designed to allow powerful, spicy and complex wines to interact with oxygen. The distinctive shape allows room for the oxygen to circulate and is suitable for both red and white grape varieties. Examples of suitable varieties include: heavy-oaked Chardonnay; Tempranillo (Gran) Reserva; Sangiovese; Grenache; Syrah, Moevèdre; Pinotage; Cabernet Sauvignon and Touriga Nacional.

Decanter Femme has an elegant form, reminiscent of the graceful lines of a stylish ball gown. The femme shape means the wine will interact with oxygen in a controlled manner. The tapered design keeps the wine’s aromas compact and its acidity fresh and non-alcoholic. Artis recommends using the Femme for complex, young, fruity, and full-bodied wines, such as: oaked Chardonnay; oaked Chenin Blanc; oaked Viognier; Marsanne; Roussanne; Malbec; Carménère; Merlot; Tempranillo Crianza; Shiraz; Zweigelt; Primitivo, and Nebbiolo. In each case, optimal pouring is ensured by a deep punt at the base of the decanter, which allows for comfortable holding, and a slender neck which ensures that the wine can easily be poured without dripping. Each has a list price of £21.49.

The decanters feature, together with a myriad of other glassware options, in the recently launched 2018 Artis catalogue. For your own personal copy call 020 8391 5544 or go online at www.artis-uk.com to download.