French liqueurs and syrups company expands range of syrups to include three new flavours.

The liqueurs and syrups company has concocted a syrup duo that’s sure to please baristas and bartenders alike. . Crème Brûlée and Caramel Salé, veritable dessert classics, got the Giffard treatment.

“Our strategy is to respond to the market as fast as possible without compromising quality, a tricky task for new flavours.”

Romain Burgevin, International Marketing Director, Giffard.


Caramel Salé

Free from preservatives and made using natural flavours, both syrups are fitting in a bevy of drinks ranging from tea and coffee to hot chocolate and cocktails.


Crème Brûlée boasts the milky, sweet taste of cream, followed by the richness of toasted sugar. These contrasting flavours make it ideal in milkshakes and cappuccinos alike. A spin on a classic, Caramel Salé combines the velvety smooth aroma of caramel with a twist of salt, an unexpected addition to lattes and macchiatos.


Both flavours lend themselves beautifully to the world of cocktails as well. The smallest addition of Crème Brûlée can add a subtle sweetness to classics like the Espresso Martini, and just a touch of Caramel Salé provides a new take on the Whiskey Sour.

Lavender in a bottle

Giffard have also captured the taste of Provençal summers in another of their latest syrup offerings, lavender. The deliciously distinct taste of this flower is available to enjoy whenever the craving strikes. “Our goal is to offer quality products all year long to bartenders and baristas as well as bakers or chefs,” says Romain Burgevin, International Marketing Director at Giffard.



With no added preservatives, Giffard’s lavender syrup is crafted using only natural flavours. Even sparingly, it is potent and highly flavorful, bringing sophistication to any creation. The experience begins with the aroma, a refreshing and light bouquet of the blue-violet flowers that hits the nose before taste ever hits the tongue.

The best ingredient is always flavour and this latest syrup delivers. Herbaceous and woody with an undertone of mint, lavender adds a touch of floral sweetness to a variety of consumables. Infuse the unique taste of this popular flower into classics likes lemonades and iced teas or put a new spin on cocktails like the gin and tonic or pisco sour. The use of this syrup extends beyond beverages into confectionary treats too. Include it in candy or cake recipes, or drizzle atop ice cream for a fresh twist on old favourites.