When a product is made from the same material as the tiles on a space shuttle, then you know it’s going to be tough. And so it proves. The Ceraflame range of oven-to-table ware from Artis can go from freezer to microwave, oven or hob without flinching.


Ceraflame is a unique range of tableware that is 100% resistant to thermal shock. The special multi-layer ceramic composition is fired at 1300?C making it harder than any other comparable oven-to-table ware. Using it, individual portions of pre-prepared meals can be taken from the freezer, reheated in a microwave or oven and then served directly to table without changing dishes. This is possible because of the extraordinary material it is made from, which was discovered through NASA’s space programme.

Although it has the stylish looks of cast iron and despite its strength it is, in fact, quite a lightweight product. Microwave safe, it is the perfect solution for defrosting, heating and preparing meals whilst at the same time preserving the flavour and nutrients of the food. In addition to heating up faster, the ceramic retains its heat longer than other materials, too. Ceraflame is non-toxic and has a scratch-free surface.

The range includes a 60cl mini pan with either handle or wings, each of which may be purchased with or without lids. These are great for use with soups, hot pots casseroles and curries. Additionally, there are two round ear dishes of 20 and 22cm diameter respectively which can be used for cottage pies, lasagne and so on. Finally, there is a 16cm round shallow bowl, good for pastas, rice or gratins, which can be simply flashed under the grill. Prices start at £12.63 for the shallow bowl.

Ceraflame is one product amongst many innovative tabletop ideas in the Artis 2018 catalogue. For your free copy please call 020 8391 5544 or go online and download the information at www.artis-uk.com/downloads.