The karaoke bar chain, Lucky Voice, chats to On-Trade Progress about recent developments to business and brand

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better night out than in Lucky Voice; the karaoke bar chain has become synonymous with a fun and fabulous night, or afternoon, out, and is loved by the British public.

Moreover, the brand is growing its event offering, working to offer businesses a wonderful time for their teams or clients.

Growing large

Recently, Lucky Voice has made significant changes to the brand and business as it grew an event business out of its B2B licensing and venue arm. In 2015, the business saw an increase in requests for short-term hire and as a result, they came up with the event hire product, Pop-up Karaoke – a soundproofed photobooth you can sing karaoke in. They also launched a follow up product, Lucky Voice Live, a transportable version of its proprietary bar software that turns any space into a large-scale karaoke booth.

It now has a roster of event clients that include Roof East, Street Feast, Quintessentially, Deliveroo, Group M and Live Nation.

Thomas Mc Auley, head of events at Lucky Voice, explains the brand’s event development, saying: “Venue-wise, one interesting development that we’ve seen grow out of events in 2017 is medium-term hire of about three months – we have some clients on our books such as Last Days of Shoreditch who use karaoke to boost their business seasonally – for instance in high summer or at Christmas time, when they’ll generally be holding recurring themed nights or the like – which serves as a notable example of events influencing the on-trade – and how karaoke can inject constant novelty into a venue.”

On brand

Of late, Lucky Voice has redefined the karaoke experience, pushing the boundaries of what a karaoke company does and should be offering.

Mc Auley explains how the brand is aiming for recognition throughout the UK and globally. He says: “We have an aim to become the byword for karaoke by bringing people together and creating unforgettable experiences – and you can see that in the past few years that when you tell people you work for Lucky Voice you’re generally met with the response, ‘oh my God, I love Lucky Voice’ – nearly everyone’s got a bleary memory of happily screaming into a microphone at one of our venues.

“We went through a bar rebrand earlier this year, that was built around the idea of ‘the perfection of imperfection’ – no-one is really looking for a ‘luxe’ night out anymore with bottle service and champagne sparklers; people want to drink a well-crafted cocktail in a considered space, and just sort of cut loose – Lucky Voice offers the ability to do so without pretence.”

Lucky Voice has certainly become a well-known brand, with three venues in Soho, Islington, and Brighton. As well as a franchise in Dubai, and franchises with Novus Leisure in Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, and Newcastle – licensing clients including Electric Star Pubs (Star of Bethnal Green), Brompton Brands (Mahiki), Inception Group (Bunga Bunga), and Firmdale Hotels (Ham Yard Hotel).

We ask Mc Auley what Lucky Voice has in store for the future. He responds by saying: “We’re looking at opening a new Zone 1 venue in 2018 – with the intention for it to be our biggest yet.”