Taste Test – RTDs

Although it isn’t quite yet time to get the tinsel and fairy lights out from their storage places, Christmas is a lot closer than you might think. Especially if you are running a hospitality business. If you want to capitalise on all of the extra footfall throughout the festive period, then it’s about time you started planning! With Christmas parties being organised soon and New Year’s Eve arriving not long after, I brought our focus group back together to try a range of RTDs, courtesy of popular brand VK, and give you the low down on what you should be stocking to make sure your venue is the place to be. The whole range of VK’s RTDs would look fantastic behind the bar in any nightclub and the bright, vibrant colours are sure to catch the eye of everyone:


VK Orange & Passion Fruit

VK Orange & Passion Fruit

Passion fruit seems to be one of the most popular drinks flavours at the moment and I am sure that any of you who stock a passion fruit flavoured beverage in your venue will know that they are big sellers. Here’s the verdict from our focus group:


“My favourite of all of the flavours we have tried today. It actually tastes like passion fruit and the citrus from the orange matches it perfectly.”

“Lovely, bright orange colour that would catch anyone’s eye behind the bar, and such a fruity flavour too!”


VK Strawberry & LimeVK Strawberry & Lime

Strawberry & Lime makes regular appearances these days in fruit ciders and seems to me, the perfect fit for an Alco-pop!

“So refreshing! I find a lot of strawberry flavoured alcohol too sweet, but this is perfect. You get a sweet, fruity flavour but don’t feel like you need to brush your teeth straight afterwards!”

“I love the colour, it doesn’t look too artificial and works well with the labelling and branding. I could see this being a punter’s favourite in late-night bars and clubs.”


VK Black CherryVK Black Cherry

Black Cherry is a flavour that you don’t see a lot of in alcohol, which makes it a very bold choice from VK. This brings a slightly more mature feel to the range of flavours – but what did our focus group think:

“Completely different to any other flavour RTD I have had before and it works really well. Perfect blend of sweet and sour which actually gives this flavour a really sophisticated after-taste! My favourite of the lot!”

“I never usually like cherry flavouring in alcohol, as I find it to taste too artificial, but I really enjoyed this. The deep red colouring gives it a really elegant look too.”


VK BlueVK Blue

If you haven’t tried VK’s unique “Blue” flavour, then where have you been? If you’re not stocking it in your bar or club then you should be. This is one of the original RTDs that a lot of clubbers grew up on:

“VK Blue is the classic Alco-pop, making me reminisce about being a teenager! I think this will appeal as much to partiers in their thirties, as it will to the 18 – 21-year-olds because of the nostalgia factor.”

“This has to be one of the all-time favourite RTDs. It’s got a lovely cool taste and is a must-have in any late-night establishment!”


VK TropicalVK Tropical Fruits

This range of exciting flavours wouldn’t be complete without adding tropical into the mix. Tropical flavouring brings to mind fresh, juicy fruits and the bright colours won’t go unnoticed behind your bar. Here’s what our focus group said:

“I could drink this all day! Tropical is the perfect word to describe the flavour and I could imagine laying on a Caribbean beach drinking this!”

“I love the colour, which is almost illuminous and really stands out. The flavours are amazingly fruity and it doesn’t taste like you are drinking alcohol at all. I can see this being a real favourite with students.”