The Perfect Cup of Coffee for Every Single Customer

We all like our coffee served differently, but regularly have to settle for something pre-designed by our local hospitality venue. But what if there was a way that you could make sure, each and every one of your customers get the perfect, personalised cup of java? Sound like too much hard work? You mustn’t know about WMF’s new MyCoffee App then!

I recently met with WMF to find out what’s new in the world of coffee machines. Something that immediately stood out to me was their new mobile app which allows your customers and your staff to create individual coffee recipes which can be poured at the touch of a button. The intelligent, integrated app can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, giving users the freedom to create their own custom recipes. They can then update their individual preferences, allowing them to alter the strength and flavour by editing the coffee-to-milk ratio, milk or foam amounts and cup size. The MyCoffee App works via users setting up a personal profile to design their perfect cup of coffee which is shown through a graphic display. The app communicates with the coffee machine via Bluetooth and automatically saves a history for statistical purposes.

Your business owning a machine with the capabilities for customers to make their own, individual coffees quickly and easily will provide some excellent benefits. Firstly, whilst this technology is new to a lot of people, customers will be piling through the doors to use it and telling all of their friends and colleagues about it. This will also really help to drive for customer loyalty and ensure that your venue is the one of choice, ahead of your local competition. Secondly, offering a “self-service” with such a personal touch allows punters to save their favourites without you feeling bad for not remembering their regular order. This app and machine combo will really help you save on staffing time and labour costs, meaning that you get the best of both worlds; a wide range of speciality, personalised coffees to give your punters a stress-free experience without having to hire a team of baristas.

I truly believe this to be the future of coffee in hospitality venues. The world we live in is so busy and has evolved to the point where the public no longer have time to visit a coffee shop, wait in a queue, explain their personalised beverage each and every time to the barista before waiting again for the drink to be made. This will be the perfect way, not just to bring new business in, but to make sure the customer and staff experience in your establishment is as positive as can be.

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