The Future of Online Reservations

With the online reservation market expected to continue to grow substantially, restauranteurs of all sizes are faced with the ever-growing question about how to effectively manage sales and reservations. AirREGI POS software from Recruit and the reservation platform from Quandoo form the perfect partnership and solution to this question.

The benefits of cloud-based software and the trend towards the increased use of a tablet, as opposed to a POS terminal, are clear in terms of facilitating the effective management of sales and reservations. Providing high functionality for its cost, a tablet offers ease of use and processing power, allowing your business to be extremely responsive to your sales data.  Furthermore, beyond collecting and recording payment from customers, a tablet POS system offers the opportunity to collect additional information that can be processed to generate a variety of business reports.

Reduced hardware investment costs, easy set-up and flexibility to immediately react to market changes, not to mention greater efficiencies further highlight the benefits. Coupled with reliable, stylish hardware you have a solution that is not only low cost but will provide a wide range of features to enhance your business.  And, in terms of design, you profit from a stylish, clutter-free environment.

AirREGI, Japan’s leading MPOS supplier and owned by Recruit Group, offers a point-of-sale cash register app that effectively manages restaurant sales.  Functions include managing your menu and data from a tablet (or computer), applying tips and discounts and automatic software updates and with 24/7 support you will always be able to resolve any issues.  By providing your business with a safe, secure, cloud-based POS solution, your data will always be accessible even if the device breaks and you can access old data on any replaced device.

Acquiring Quandoo in 2015, AirREGI now offers an international reservations service that spans 12 countries – the UK, Finland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia so you can effectively link your sales to reservations using a service that has to date seated over a million guests.

With Quandoo, your customers can easily search for, find and reserve your restaurant online with just a few clicks using their desktop or mobile devices. Besides making it easier to reserve a table, customers benefit from loyalty points, special offers and the ability to share their dining experiences with other Quandoo users.

Your business can also benefit from an industry-leading Reservation Management System that is the perfect tool to maximise and merge your restaurant’s online and offline bookings, enabling you to market free capacities to local consumers.

Given the extensive reach of Quandoo’s reservation platform, you are able to drive reservations in low-traffic times and generate additional business on-demand. Quandoo’s Business Centre is your restaurant’s remote control, giving you a comprehensive management overview that allows you to tweak your restaurant’s operational parameters and keep track of your reservation list and customer database from anywhere in the world.

Add tables, modify your opening hours, limit the number of seats available online and much more – all with just a few clicks.

By listing your restaurant on the Quandoo portal and mobile apps you can dramatically increase your online presence. Relevant content such as marketing-optimised editorial descriptions, qualified customer reviews, and inclusion in newsletters and on special interest Collection pages all ensure optimum visibility and conversion rates. Plus, the real-time, location-based search functionality of Quandoo’s consumer apps allows you to effectively increase your walk-in radius by up to 50%.

In terms of printing hardware, the solution from AirREGI and Quandoo includes the Star TSP654II LAN printer that offers efficient high-speed 300mm/sec. receipt printing with the security and reliability of a network connection. For payment, AirREGI allows you to stay up-to-date with the newest payment methods including compliance with chip-enabled cards as well as traditional cards, including offline processing.  And for digital wallets, it is Apple Pay and Android Pay ready.