Snowbird – The Free From Solutions Specialist

The North London company has demonstrated its expertise in balancing recipes whilst introducing dominant flavours like leeks, chilli, chorizo, cranberries and even tomato chutney.

As part of its strategic, on-going Clean Eating Campaign, Snowbird steers clear of allergens and is waging war against additives like sodium and phosphates.

Already, it has successfully supplied the children’s market with sausages that contain just 0.5% of added salt – a unique blend of natural herbs and spices being utilised to deliver the required taste and texture.

This campaign to lower both fat and sugar levels without compromising on the taste, texture or quality of products has been recognised by both ready meals manufacturers and caterers, both of whom are battling to supply the estimated 40% plus of people in Britain who have diets that exclude or limit the consumption of selected foods and ingredients – numbers which are rising year over year.

“Thanks to its astonishing recipe development skills our product development team is taking the pain out of providing trustworthy, wholesome food for this huge group of people who have special requirements,” said Snowbird joint managing director, Philip Paul.